Flight Facilities – ‘Arty Boy’ feat. Emma Louise

Brisbane singer-songwriter Emma Louise has had a quiet 2017 until now – Flight Facilities have just dropped a fresh one and it features none other than Emma’s wistful vocals.

Arty Boy‘ is an edgy electronic pop song, sprinkled with jangly guitars, wobbly bass and snappy beats. It’s a sophisticated arrangement from the Sydney boys, which leaves the perfect space for Emma’s angelic harmonies. Featuring relentlessly rhythmic verses about the impossible people found at parties, the track flourishes into a sparse but luscious chorus as Emma sweetly croons what we’ve all thought at some point “All  I wanna know is, what you think about me arty boy.” With a video full of bodybuilders in a bathhouse, it’s a strong pairing for the playful lyrics and flexing pectorals.

Following the release of her second album Supercry last year, rumour has it that Emma’s been quietly preparing new music. Hopefully it will reach our ears soon.

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