Emma Louise – ‘Wish You Well’

Brisbane singer-songwriter Emma Louise has just dropped new single ‘Wish You Well‘, the first cut from her forthcoming album Lilac Everything; A Project by Emma Louise. The track marks a dramatic departure from the singer’s previous releases, featuring her note perfect vocals as we have never heard them before.

Chartering new artistic territory, ‘Wish You Well’ sees Louise do away with the breathy falsetto of previous LPs Supercry and vs Head vs Heart, her ethereal vocals dramatically pitched down. Describing the inspiration for this new direction on her Facebook page, the singer posted:

‘The seed of this project was planted about 5 years ago when I was recording my first album. I heard my vocals slowed down on tape and fell in love with this character. I called the voice Joseph and said I’d one day do a full album with his vocals.

A bold and subversive move for the ‘Jungle’ artist, this new direction was encouraged by Canadian musician Tobias Jesso Jnr, who turned his hand to producing for the first time on Lilac Everything. ‘Wish You Well’ is a smooth and emotive track, featuring steady piano and low, whispery vocals. Like all the tracks on Lilac Everything, the single was written by Louise during a stint in Mexico, recorded at Bear Creek Studio in Seattle with Jesso Jnr and Grammy-award winning sound-engineer Shawn Everett.

“It was honestly the most relieving decision I’ve ever made, musically,” Louise explains. “It just felt so right. I didn’t even have to think about it. It made the album swell. It expanded. I think, creatively, I was able to do whatever I wanted.”

Lilac Everything is due for release Friday 14 September, and is available for pre-order here.

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