DZ Deathrays – ‘Like People’

Holy shit – DZ Deathrays just convinced Murray Cook formally known as The Red Wiggle to get super thrashy with them in their ripping new video and single ‘Like People’.

Featuring mashed bananas, hot potatoes and the OG red shirt, it’s Murray Cook as we know him –  a complete legend and the ultimate entertainer.

‘Like People’ features on DZ’s just released and incredibly raucous third album Bloody Lovely – a flawless combination of hard rock and melodic pop that’s supercharged with maturity and next level production.

“This is the song with the most meaning to me I think,” explains original lead vocalist (alongside Cook) and current guitarist of DZ Deathrays Shane Parsons. “It was at a time when I was thinking about someone who came up to me out of nowhere and said to my face that I should get my teeth fixed, but he was a fan and said how much he really liked the band. I just thought it was a weird personal thing to say to someone you don’t know. Then there were the Paris attacks that happened right around the same time and I just kept thinking how much people really can be totally shit.”

“I guess I was just annoyed at a lot of what I was seeing on the news, online and also to my face. I left the chorus for a while and I was listening to the demo and going for a run and started thinking about some of the great shows we have played and the awesome people we have met over the years. I came up with the chorus line, “after this I feel I like you more” which is just the inside of my head in one voice saying I hate people for being horrible but that leads me to really love the good people out there.”

Bloody Lovely is filled with sentimental tracks injected with their signature does of energy raising the bar to the thrashiest extremities. It’ll be even better when performed live – catch DZ on a colossal Aussie tour. Tickets shifting v fast.

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