DZ Deathrays – ‘Blood On My Leather’

It’s three glorious minutes of the DZ dudes smashing beers, throwing back martinis, ingesting narcotics and dancing with the devil. It’s good to have them back and fighting the good fight.

It’s a bit of a step-up since we shared a bottle of Jager with the boys in 2008 for ‘The Mess Up’ clip – the duo now look grossly underage on reflection – but it’s been too long since we’ve seen them actively self-harm in the name of a killer video clip and collectively share the feels of about to vom.

The video for ‘Blood On My Leather’ is an additional masterpiece and it once again features their friend Arj Barker, who previously performed in the clip for ‘No Sleep‘. This time he destroys the boys, dressed as Satan himself. There is a happy ending though – if it means our poor life decisions can be blamed on an internal force with crusty red face paint.. Then we’re all innocent.

Catch DZ Deathrays on the Groovin’ The Moo circuit, as well as supporting Violent Soho on the most destructive tour ever! So many poor life decisions to be made.

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