Dro Carey – ‘Glow Now’ (feat. Taliwhoah & Genesis Owusu)

Sydney producer Dro Carey has released a brand new single – his first since his 2016 EP Dark Zoo and he’s 100% made up for any time passed because this banger is super bright.

‘Glow Now’ is not a softly glowing but a brightly pulsating tune that takes the nocturnal grooves of his previous releases and injects them with a new found lightness. Led by a sharp, syncopated beat and mellow synths – Dro Carey (production alias of Sydney musician Eugene Ward) has laid down some silky pop stems with just the right touch of UK-garage grit.

British songstress Taliwhoah brings sweet energy to the tune with her vibrant and hypnotic voice, whilst Canberra artist Genesis Owusu maintains the chill with his soulful crooning and laid back rapping.

‘I first discovered Taliwhoah via someone on Twitter linking to the music video for her song ‘Alright,’ which really blew me away, as it was R&B but with a lot of other musical elements going on too, and I just really loved that song (and then everything else I heard from her).

With Genesis Owusu, I had heard ‘Sideways’ on the radio which immediately put him on my radar, but not at all necessarily for ‘Glow Now’, especially given how stylistically different it is to ‘Sideways’. It was only after delving a bit deeper online and hearing tracks from his CARDRIVE EP, especially his verse flows on the track ‘Drive Slow’ that I thought it was worth asking him if he wanted to feature on ‘Glow Now’, explains Eugene.

The three artists create the kind of infectious magic that will keep you moving through long summer nights. ‘Glow Now’ is the type of fire that won’t be going out anytime soon.

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