Dro Carey – ‘Atmosphere’ feat. Kwame, Renz & Raj Mahal

Sydney producer Dro Carey has just dropped a fire new track full of deep deep bass and searing beats.

Atmosphere‘ is an international project of epic proportions. Feating hard hitting verses from London MC Rez, a hypnotic chant hook from Sydney’s rising rapper Kwame and rounded out with some tough lines from Boston via Sydney’s Raj Mahal. Dro Carey has packed a lot of bite into the track’s 3 minute run time, layering trap beats, gut-rumbling bass and super sharp horn samples in a way that seems to jump out of your speakers.

It’s a complete contrast to his previous single ‘Glow Now‘ which was a brightly pulsating groover perfect for long summer nights. Instead, ‘Atmosphere’ sets you up for a cold night of stomping dark streets. Chuck this fearless track on next time you’ve got to hype yourself up for a challenge.

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