Dorsal Fins – ‘Ascension’

Melbourne 9 piece Dorsal Fins have just dropped new instrumental track ‘Ascension‘. Quietly announced via their Facebook page, the track is a ‘cast off’ from the band’s 2016 LP, Digital Zodiac. It is likely the last release we will hear from the Fins for a while, with the band announcing an indefinite hiatus and farewell show on Friday, 27April.

Described by the band as a ‘5 minute + existential, instrumental rabbit hole’, the song features trademark Dorsal Fins sounds – fuzzy, reverb heavy guitars, thick bass lines and heavy distortion. Unsurprisingly written during the Digital Zodiac era, it is easy to imagine it slotted in alongside ‘Sedated‘ and ‘High Low‘ on this album’s track list.

Dorsal Fins will be supported at their upcoming ‘A Farewell, For Now’ show at the Curtin Hotel by Eilish Gilligan, Surprise Chef and a DJ set from Triple J Presenter Nkechi Anele. Tickets on sale now.

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