DMA’S – ‘Dawning’

Sydney trio DMA’S dropped their fresh, guitar-pop single ‘Dawning‘ last week, and now they’ve released a video to accompany it, directed by Spike Vincent.

Featuring an eclectic montage of candid moments with the dream-rock kings, the video oozes personality as we follow DMA’S through alleyways, subways, recording studios, parks, apartments and balconies. The lads aren’t afraid to muck around in the sun-drenched video, adding a layer of warmth to what is actually one of their darkest songs yet.

The heart-breaking track is packed with brutally honest lines like “I don’t know anyone / That’s taken this from me / I’m lonlier that I’ve ever been”, but you would be forgiven for losing the sadness beneath the sweet layers of summery guitars.

“We feel like ‘Dawning’ gives people the opportunity to decide what the song means to them,” vocalist Tommy O’Dell explains. “While the message of the song is quite dark, we also wanted create a piece of music that sounds uplifting and hopeful.”

We’re hopeful that ‘Dawning’ is a sign of more tunes to come. In the meantime, you can catch DMA’S at two intimate shows in Sydney and Melbourne this November.

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