10 March, 2017

Day Wave – ‘Untilted’

California-based vocalist/multi instrumentalist Jackson Phillips is Day Wave. He’s recently revealed ‘Untitled‘ from his soon-to-be-released album The Days We Had.

Marking the second cut from the album and fourth on the track list, ‘Untitled’ is exactly what you’d expect from Phillips – an endlessly pleasing, jingle-jangle, dream pop-rock tune. Riding a seriously chill wave right throughout the release, ‘Untitled’ doesn’t ask for much from its listener and instead allows them to drift away within its hazy sounds.

“The main idea with the music is to grow, sonically and in every way, and that’s kind of why it started out small and lo-fi—so there was room to grow,” says Phillips. “I wanted to give myself headroom so the future projects could be taken somewhere.”

Day Wave will share The Days We Had Friday, 5 May. Pre-order it now.