7 April, 2017

Day Wave – ‘Promises’

We’re only one month away from the release of The Days We Had – Californian dreamer aka Day Wave‘s debut record.

‘Promises’ is a bittersweet offering from the forthcoming record. Lyrically it’s bitterly heartbreaking; “Promise me you won’t leave my life,  promise me you wont leave me here to die.” But in signature Day Wave chord progression, it’s sweet and summery as hell. It’s like looking directly at the sun – painfully beautiful.

Having recently revealed ‘Untitled‘, an equally chill wave tune, the anticipation is strong for this debut to drop.

“The main idea with the music is to grow, sonically and in every way, and that’s kind of why it started out small and lo-fi—so there was room to grow,” says Phillips of the record. “I wanted to give myself headroom so the future projects could be taken somewhere.”

Day Wave will share The Days We Had Friday, 5 May. You can pre-order it here.