12 May, 2017

Dan Sultan – ‘Hold It Together’

As he gears up for the release of album #4, Dan Sultan has revealed another slice of soul-pop following the infectious and stirring first single ‘Magnetic‘.

Hold It Together‘ also draws parallels of the Melbourne-based singer/songwriters knack for powerful storytelling. The personal tale winds it into a larger narrative and pleads for solidarity. “It’s about holding each other up,” explains Sultan. 

“You know, life can get really hard and things happen that we all have to deal with it. Shit happens to all of us, but you don’t have to be on your own. And sometimes it’s hard to remember that you aren’t on your own, and it’s hard to ask for help. But the song is about solidarity and strength: tapping into the strength of people who’ve come before you and people who have been there for you.”

The video clip is directed and animated by Jonathan Chong and features Sultan’s vinyl spinning on a wooden background, as animated birds, snakes, hands, faces and more appear in the grooves. It’s the perfect backdrop to Sultan’s soulful, honey vocals as he shares a joyous story of support amongst catchy guitar riffs and an uplifting gospel choir.

It’s a promising look at Sultan‘s anticipated fourth album – more info revealed soon.