Client Liaison – ‘A Foreign Affair’

Our favourite dance floor fillers Client Liason have released a shimmering new track featuring Australian queen – Tina Arena.

Taken from their debut album Diplomatic Immunity, ‘A Foreign Affair‘ is a sexy track saturated in ’80s tropes. From the thick dance beat with that classic gated reverb to edgy bass synths and swirling synth pads, this song is everything you thought you’d never hear in 2017 – and it works.

The lyrics are cheeky and littered with images of glamorous, 20th century travel, such as “Checking in to the hotel / Send a fax from the lounge / Leisure mixed with the business / Get set feel this foreign affair.” If that’s not nostalgic enough, make sure you check out the video which is chock full of big hair, soft lighting, dramatic shots and way too much luxury.

Client Liason are about to set off on their own foreign affair with their first ever world tour, but first you can catch them across Australia over the next two weeks.

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