12 October, 2016

Client Liaison – ‘Wild Life’

Not sure if this a political campaign or just an epic video clip. Either way, Client Liaison for PM.

The duo have created a Utopian work place for their latest single ‘Wild Life’, where deals are forged, water is cooled, suits are tailored to the millimeter and corruption doesn’t exist. It’s a huge production featuring pythons, parrots and a choreographed dancing ATO squad and we wouldn’t expect anything less from Client Liaison and their their strive to reach paradisaical heights.

“I don’t know anyone in this country that doesn’t minimise their tax,” – Client Liaison.

‘Wild Life’ follows the release of ‘World Of Our Love‘ (which also features incredible an incredible animated clip) and both barn-burners can be found on the dance duo’s forthcoming debut album Diplomatic Immunity, slated for release Nov 4, and available for pre-order now.