City Calm Down – ‘Blame’

Following their energetic single ‘Blood‘ earlier this year, Melbourne’s freshest post-punks City Calm Down have released ‘Blame’, a soft and luscious track that will twist your guts and break your heart at the same time.

Slowly rising and falling over its four and a half minutes, ‘Blame’ is a surprisingly cinematic departure from the band’s signature retro pop-rock. Singer Jack Bourke’s smooth baritone voice remains, lending itself perfectly to the reflective nature of the song as he croons about laying blame unfairly on others when you’re in pain. But underneath, a unique arrangement of gentle guitar, swirling synths and dissonant strings creates an inescapable sense of anguish as the song builds to a dramatic close.

The video captures this melancholic tension by separating two characters across a desert as sparse as the haunting soundscape. We can’t wait to see what emotional warfare City Calm Down will inflict on us next.

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