British India – ‘Precious’

Melbourne rockers British India have released a huge new single ‘Precious’, and announced that their sixth album is on the way.

For the first time in a decade-long career, British India have teamed up with an external producer, Oscar Dawson (of Holy Holy) and the result is tremendous. An avalanche of dirty bass and distorted guitars hurtle the song forwards, as singer Declan Melia’s distinctive voice cuts through the song with blistering raw power. The track is a gritty, catchy punch to the guts, as the lyrics “If everything could stay the same as it is right now / When everything is f*cking precious” combine with hyper-energised riffs to make an irresistible cocktail of angst and bliss.

British India haven’t just turned up the volume, they’ve broken the knob and blown up the speakers. Now we just have to wait for more.

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