19 April, 2017

Brightness – ‘Waltz’

Port Macquarie low-fi singer/songwriter, Brightness, returns with his soft second single ‘Waltz’ and video directed by Mclean Stephenson. Recorded in one take on an old Akai 1/4″ Reel to Reel, the tape-hiss littered track is a far step from his folk-punk debut ‘Oblivion‘.

“The tape itself had just about had it and you can hear another song bleeding through from one of its other tracks,” explains Alex Knight (Brightness).

With only an acoustic guitar and his gentle voice, Brightness lays downs a lullaby that is sweet yet made sincere with occasional curse and unusual tribute; “You glue my head back on.” An overdubbed mellotron in the chorus adds to the sense of raw melancholy, but Knight’s voice remains calm and accepting the whole time.

The simple sublimity of the track exhibits a fresh spontaneity and versatility that only makes us anticipate his debut album Teething (due out later this year) even more.

In the meantime, you can catch Brightness supporting Middle Kids in Sydney this Friday, 21 April and Monday, 24 April at Oxford Art Factory.