Boo Seeka – ‘Turn Up Your Light’

Sydney electronic duo Boo Seeka have released another taste of their anticipated debut album, slow-building soulful tune ‘Turn Up Your Light’.

The duo have once again fused a cacophony of soul, hip-hop and electronic influences together into a simple, flawless track. ‘Turn Up Your Light’ begins with sparse piano and synths which are soon joined by a tinny and nuanced hip-hop beat. Seamlessly, the song blossoms into a picture of subdued melancholy as a simple bass line fills out the sound beneath Boo’s delicate harmonies. His melodies are whimsical and sad, as his gentle voice croons reflectively “I’ll always be thinking of you laying in my arms.”

The duo’s thoughtful arrangement feels both full and empty, as brassy synths reach across the bare soundscape before being lost amongst the lush assortment of soft, intricate electronica. Similarly, the sombre song also manages to be uplifting, as the lyrics “Turn up your light / don’t be anything but you” are repeated through the outro.

Boo Seeka’s debut album Never Too Soon is out on August 4. If this latest magic is anything to go by we don’t want them to be anything but themselves either.

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