5 April, 2017

Bliss n Eso – ‘Moments’ ft. Gavin James

Following the announcement of Bliss n Eso‘s mega 27-date national tour starting next month, the Aussie MCs have dropped an incredible video for ‘Moments‘ ft. Gavin James.

The expansive video captures the youth of today from vast locations across Indonesia, Japan, Ireland, South Africa, United States, Fiji, Tahiti and their home turf. The clip that was filmed within a space of 14 days, also features cameos from Eso’s son Zephyr and Gavin James’ niece and nephews from Ireland, celebrating one of their birthdays while the clip was in production.

“’Moments’ is a track that reflects on those precious moments we all had growing up before life got complicated. Your first kiss, the house you lived in, the smells of your childhood neighbourhood, your first time in love. It’s about reminiscing and appreciating how those moments have shaped who we are today. Gavin’s voice really brought everything together on ‘Moments’. His heart-warming vocals helped to paint all our memories even more vividly,” explains MC Bliss.

All tickets to Bliss n Eso yuge national tour are now on sale – all info can be found here.