AURORA – ‘I Went Too Far’

Norwegian songstress, AURORA, is back with yet another flawless single, ‘I Went Too Far’, and a gorgeous clip to complement.

The single propels the 20 year old’s stunning vocal range and songwriting mastery, whilst her sense of wonder and fantasy inhabits every corner of her music. The video is a beautiful cinematic experience, which contrasts between a dark and light place of her being and the ascent of the ladder emphasises the progression forward from the hurt and pain the past has caused by unrequited love.

“When I was 9 I wrote most of this song. I watched someone brave and kind not demanding the respect and love they deserved. Growing up, I realised these things happen all around us. And we need to learn to be kind to ourselves and demand to be treated right. We all have the chance to climb up the ladder,” AURORA explained on her Facebook page.

‘I Went Too Far’ is lifted from her debut full-length All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend, which is out now.


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