Anna Of The North – ‘Oslo’

Overnight Anna Of The North (AOTN) dropped a brand new single ‘Oslo’ and the accompanying video. The electronic duo (Anna Lotterud and Brady Daniell-Smith) have created a track that will transport you to a crispy, wintery walk through the streets of the Norwegian capital.

The synth-pop cut has got all the allure and emotion we expected from Anna of the North and follows the success of their previous singles ‘Sway‘, ‘The Dreamer‘, ‘Baby‘ and most recently, ‘Us‘. Stemming from a photo of the city of Oslo, the idea for the track began to form a few winters ago and was written as a gift for a group of homesick Norwegian friends that Brady had met down under. After meeting Anna, Brady discovered the authenticity that he needed to finalize the hauntingly beautiful tune.

Big vibes for even more new music from AOTN who are dropping their debut album in 2017.

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