Anna Of The North – ‘Baby’

When you study abroad, quite often you meet some great people, see some world-class sights, go to some parties, maybe have one too many beers and yeah, you find some time to study. For  Norwegian babe, Anna Lotterud and New Zealand producer, Brady Daniell-Smith, they found each other when they traveled to Melbourne and decided to make up the dream pop duo Anna of the North.

The two have since relocated back to Norway and have picked up considerable airplay in Norway, and around Europe – ranking up to 3 million streams with their last single ‘The Dreamer‘. On top of their record success, they’re currently supporting the ‘Firestone‘ hit-maker, Kygo, on a massive tour through Europe.

They have just dropped their new single, ‘Baby’, which reinforces their unique whimsical electronica sound supported by the unique melodies of Anna’s Scandinavian voice. Give it a play once or twice, maybe a hundred times.




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