Anna Of The North – ‘Baby’

Dream-pop duo, Anna of The North, have released the official video for their swirling-synth banger ‘Baby’.

Comprised of Norwegian singer, Anna Lotterud and New Zealand producer, Brady Daniell-Smith, the video is fueled by a tragic sense of heartache and vulnerability and a love-life lived in constant limbo.

Produced by Portuguese-based director, Peter Pint, Lotterud says the clip as being based on the horrible shift and sinking feeling when a lover becomes distant, or unresponsive.

“We’ve all been in the position when you’re texting your crush and all of a sudden things change, and the person stops answering you,” she told NYLON.

“Time moves so slowly and you won’t let your phone out of your sight. Your phone makes a sound and you’re so excited, but the next second you feel like shit ’cause it was just your mom asking if your day was okay. Fucking technology.”

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