Amy Shark – ‘Psycho’ (feat. Mark Hoppus)

Since last year’s release of debut EP, Night Thinker, singer-songwriter Amy Shark continues to reel us in. With ‘I Said Hi’, ‘Don’t Turn Around’ and most recently, ‘Psycho’ featuring Mark Hoppus of Blink-182, the girl next door gradually lets us into her Love Monster story.

“I feel a little sick knowing so many people are waiting to listen to this album. There are songs that may trigger some memories in people who were once close to me…,” Amy shares in a Facebook post.

‘Psycho’ tells the emotional, relatable saga of vulnerability and the complications that often come with falling in love. Judging by the album title and the track list, it seems that this might be a common theme throughout.

The collaboration between Mark and Amy mimics the timeless, genuine tale that ‘Psycho’ depicts. “Amy had this great idea for a song and for me it was a lot easier than working with a lot of other artist because her music is so sparse. A lot of times it’s just her and a guitar, so even just her an acoustic guitar and maybe a beat behind it. My job was really easy, I just had to not over add stuff to kill the idea that she already had.”

Mark Hoppus is just one of the many world-class producers to support Amy Shark in bringing her much-anticipated debut album to life. Others include Jack Antonoff, the pop genius behind some of Lorde and Taylor Swift’s big hits, and Dann Hume, a piece of Amy’s creative team pushing ‘Weekends’ up the ARIA Singles Charts.

Love Monster, will be released 13 July, prior to her performance at this year’s Splendour as well as her national and international tours kicking off at the end of August.

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