2 June, 2017

Amber Arcades – ‘Cannonball’

Following the release of her dreamy debut album Fading Lines last year, today the dutch-born musician Amber Arcades is releases a five-track EP Cannonball.

The title track ‘Cannonball’ brings this latest sensitive and sublime collection to an irresistible close, as Amber Arcades’ angelic voice croons and warbles over layers of sweet guitar and subdued drums. At just under four minutes long, ‘Cannonball’ is a mesmerising moment of bliss, with gorgeous storytelling lyrics about meeting a lover at an old hotel. It’s a gentle, sad and heavenly mix of genres, with hints of country, folk, rock and pop hidden just under the rippling surface of Amber Arcades’ shimmering soundscape.

Also featuring ethereal indie-rock single ‘It Changes’ and a boppy, hazy cover of Nick Drake’s classic song ‘Which Will’, the Cannonball EP is out now.