17 March, 2016

10 Songs That Influenced Passerine’s ‘The Morning After/The Night Before’

What do you get when you put together a perfect blend of musicians from diverse musical backgrounds? You get three creative minds creating galactic soul breaking music. Passerine is the musical project of Phoebe Dubar, Alex Gooding and Ben Murphy.

With the release of their new EP ‘The Morning After/The Night Before‘, the Melbourne trio gave us insight into what influenced them when creating the record.

Everything But the Girl – ‘Walking Wounded’

This trip hop duo has always been a favourite of Phoebe’s but this track in particular, really influenced the way she went about writing vocals for ‘Eyes Wide Closed’.

Machinedrum – ‘Boxoff’

Machinedrum is sort of the only DNB esque music I listen to, so it fascinates me. I like staying a bit naive sometimes. His work marries those beats with lush harmonies and lots of reverb. We don’t work that fast, but pull little bits from that style.

Milwaukee Banks – ‘Pluto Bounce (friendships remix)’

A tight groove with dubby atmospheres, and then the big breakdown hits like a giant polyphonic wave. A kind of trip hop bent that you can dance to, I really like that.

Collarbones – ‘Turning’

This song is just a jam. A great example of how some creative audio editing can make a killer hook. There’s some of that DNA in the EP on choppy tracks like ‘Look Up’.

Caribou – ‘Back Home’

Speaking of choppy edit hooks, but then matched with beautiful warm synths. This album was a favourite of 2015 for sure. Bold pop wearing a bit of an avant-garde face.

Mr Twin Sister – ‘In The House of Yes’

Sitting in a beautiful place between old and new, acoustic and electronic, this is a very inspiring album that doesn’t get enough praise. There’s a dynamic live session feeling, but then you look closer and realise how expertly produced it is and deceptively modern the sounds are, which is all really inspiring.

Róisín Murphy – ‘Exploitation’

She’s practically liquid the way she’s oozing all over this track (“never underestimate, creative people, and the depths that they will go” ugh… what a line). Can anyone hold a candle to Róisín? Then coupled with the dark smoky atmosphere of the whole track, another example of some old disco and soul influences given a modern twist (and the album version really goes places).

Guru Josh – ‘Infinity’

One of the quintessential, 90s house tracks, hearing on Rage one night made Phoebe want to make our version of a piano-led jam… And so ‘Look Up’ was born.

PVT – ‘Vertigo’

Another inspiring mix of acoustic and electronic sounds. This album very much has a live band feel, but is laden with electronic sounds and heavily treated sounds (can you tell we’re into that?). The mixture of electronic and live drums on a lot of tracks works really well too, and that’s something we’re into.

Tame Impala – ‘Let it Happen’

Quite simply, one of the best albums of 2015, we had it on repeat throughout the recording process. What a killer opener too, love how its so chameleonic in its form.