Urthboy’s Top Pump-Up Songs

Presentation Night – the event that pairs a footy-loving musician with a music-loving footballer for an evening of tall tales and tunes – has enlisted two heavy hitters for its Sydney debut this week. Tim Levinson aka Urthboy (Australian hip hop royalty, Sydney Swans obsessive) and Jude Bolton (Swans legend, Nick Cave fan) will discuss their mutual love of music and footy in ways that are philosophical, funny and surprising. Hosted by ABC broadcaster Francis Leach, it all goes down at the Vic On The Park in Enmore this Wednesday 13 August.

To help you bring your A-game, we hit up Urthboy – a performer who consistently gives 110% – for his definitive list of sporting pump-up songs. Hit play and conquer your opponents!

Raekwon feat Busta Rhymes – ‘About Me’
Downtempo beat doesn’t mean downtempo game. This one lobs and stomps its way through the song as two giants of hip hop slug it out. It’s not a big hit so it’s it’s not the flag, more like a classic regular season shootout. This song allows every listener to get on that other level of staunch for four minutes.

Hermitude – ‘The Villain’
You imagined this moment happening all your life and here you are quietly pulling your socks up in the locker room in the same skin you use to walk to the shops or put out the garbage. It’s truly amazing now that you think about it. Nod your head. Keep nodding. OK… the pre-chorus is here… uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh.. ok NOW CUT SICK YOU FUCKING GUY!!!!!!!!!!

Tina Turner – ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’
Yes we do. You. Whether you’re out on the park or down at the local, we love our Aussie heroes so fire up to Tina and that salon-styled wolf that rode above her thunderdome.

Big Boi – ‘General Patton’
If this song came out 35 years earlier it could’ve perfectly soundtracked the face-slapping tactics of Tommy Raudonikis. It’s pretty much petrol and match tempo and perfect for those ‘gotta get outta the house’ moments.

Waka Flocka Flame – ‘Hard in the Paint’
Even though Barry Hall is more likely your Creed or Stone Temple Pilots type of a guy, this song picks itself on his playlist before those games where he may have gone in a little too hard. Slow but high on energy like a moshpit breaking out at the stoppage.

Eminem – ‘Lose Yourself’
File this under your more conventional selection – this is the Gary Ablett of the pump-up song world. Jude Bolton said that when this played at three-quarter time during the 2012 Grand Final everyone felt the tension go up a gear. If it’s good enough for AFL players on Grand Final day it’s good enough for you and that wonderful frame you’re about to throw into the game like a lounge in a tornado.

Biohazard & Onyx – ‘Judgement Night’
Taken from the straight-to-video classic of the same name, this song (and soundtrack) pre-dates nu-metal so we get the wake-up-the-whole-town evo-engine rap from Onyx, (previously better known for the hits ‘Blac Vagina Finda’ and ‘Bacdafucup’) and Biohazard, a bunch of white dudes who loved punk metal and virus management. Exactly the kind of atmosphere you want to set up in the tight confines of the change room.

Violent Soho – ‘Covered in Chrome’
Whether you’re a weekend warrior just keen for a kick or a senior bowls team from Ashfield, the whole squad should get in a huddle and sing the chorus together, preferably with the ferocity of starving hyenas fighting over a new kill. Bit intense but trust me on this one.

Bastille – ‘Pompeii’
Probably veering dangerously into bombastic pop territory but this one snuck in with one eye on trading your arguably inconsequential contest into the life or death melodrama that it is. Why keep things in perspective when you forsee the great fortress of your opponent’s world crumbling down like the book of revelations visiting your local recreation centre?

Aloe Blacc – ‘The Man’
Whether it’s ordering a decaf soy flat white or yelling like a obnoxious fuckwit at a friendly Saturday afternoon game in the suburbs, first you gotta pump yourself up into unrealistic levels of alpha. You’re the man you’re the man you’re the man.

Sky’High – ‘Don Dada’
Still pretty much the most convincingly tough voice in local hip hop in my opinion. She’s who you need in your corner when you’re hanging on by a thread in the final round/quarter/set just to drag that fighting spirit out for one last shot. Hectic production, furious raps ARGGGHHHH GO!

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