Gordi’s Must-See BIGSOUND Acts

Recent Mushroom Music Publishing signee Gordi is one of the legends playing our BIGSOUND Free For All party in Brissie on Tuesday 8 September. It’s a free extravaganza also featuring Slum Sociable, Stonefield, I OH YOU DJs and Mossy’s first ever live performance, and it all goes down at The Flying Cock from 8:30pm (guestlist here).

You can also catch Gordi on the triple j Unearthed stage at BIGSOUND at Oh Hello! on Wednesday 9 September, then on tour supporting Little May in September. So familiarise yourself with the Sydney artist’s sublime singles ‘Nothing’s as it Seems’ and ‘Can we Work it Out’, then hit play on her playlist of the acts you can’t afford to miss at BIGSOUND 2015.

Tiny Little Houses – ‘Easy’
I dig the vocals in this track, they really set the tone and it’s always so attention-grabbing when the vocals are a bit different. I like the simplicity in this song, it just does its thing without too much fuss.

Slum Sociable – ‘Anyway’
Such a great tune! This sly duo are from a town called Mordialloc. I recently played the Mordialloc Festival on a 43 degree day. I now know how these guys are able to turn up the heat so easily with their sweaty, late night jams.

Banff – ‘The Great Unknown’
I was so hooked on this song from the minute I heard that guitar riff. His voice shifts so nicely from his falsetto to his lower range and they complement each other so well. The song’s emotion kind of creeps up on you in a really lovely way.

Green Buzzard – ‘Zoo Fly’
Again I’m a sucker for a good guitar riff and this song makes me want to be in a montage of good times. I’m a big fan of Green Buzzard, I like their vibe and think they’re going to be massive.

Le Pie – ‘Secrets’
The percussion in this song is fantastic and gives the atmospheric rock a nice organic feel. “And if I sleep will I wake up tomorrow and it’s yesterday” is just the best line. I wish I wrote it.

Muscles – ‘Ice Cream’
This song is such a hit. Nuff said.

Holy Holy – ‘Sentimental and Monday’
I love the opening of this song, it builds so nicely into the verse and the melody instantly connected with me. The lyrics are really well written too.

Harts – ‘Breakthrough’
Just the funkiest song ever.

Winterbourne – ‘Cold’
This song gives me the warm and fuzzies and plucks at the strings, etc. These guys are really talented and have fantastic voices that work so well together.

Gang of Youths – ‘Still Unbeaten Life’
This is a great track. I love the pulsing bass and the empty space left for the vocals to really sink in. It’s really beautiful stuff. Unfortunately they’re probably not likely to play it at BIGSOUND because it’s eight minutes long.

Life is Better Blonde – ‘Mine’
The warped vocals, spliced up keyboards, detailed production and simple hook make for a fantastic recipe – check out the ingredients in the video clip too!

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