13 April, 2016

Them Bruins Top 10 Favourite Songs of 2008

With the recent release of their new EP ‘No One Wants To Dance With Them Bruins‘, Melbourne locals, Them Bruins, created a playlist of their fave songs from the year 2008 – the year that Barack Obama became the USA President, Australia won 46 medals at Beijing Summer Olympics, and all the ladies were channeling their inner diva with Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies‘ release.

Hello nostalgia.

Ladyhawke – ‘My Delirium’
Probably my favourite song of 2008. Saw her play at Glastonbury around this time and remember dragging some friends away from Yeah Yeah Yeah’s in order to make it to her set on time.

MGMT – ‘Kids’
Could have picked any number of tunes off Oracular Spectacular. Big sing along ‘hug your best friend’ type chorus’s. Can’t beat that. Super crafty song writing.

Cut Copy – ‘So Haunted’
Remember listening to ‘In Ghost Colours’ and thinking this is pretty cool but being a guitar guy couldn’t really relate to it 100%. That all changed when track 7 kicked in. Kick arse balance between dance and indie rock. ‘So Haunted’. So good!

Kings of Leon – ‘Sex On Fire’
Some mates and I put a cover band together to play at a friends birthday party in 2008 and ‘Sex on Fire’ was the first song we learned. You know it’s a massive tune when all the parents (maybe even grandparents!) are singing along.

Bloc Party – ‘Talons’
I was a massive fan of the Bloc Party’s two previous albums and this song was my top pick from Intimacy.

Sugar Army – ‘Now You’re Old Enough’
Nothing beats getting psyched on a band after hearing them for the first time. Heard this song on Myspace. Has a ripping energy. Really rumbles along. Great tune. Listen to it here.

Ida Maria – ‘I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked’
Makes me smile this song. Was one of those random songs triple j played. Would have never heard it otherwise. Don’t know any other tunes from Ida but this one is fun. Listen to it here.

Hot Chip – ‘One Pure Thought’
Not my favourite Hot Chip song but a little similar to Cut Copy’s ‘So Haunted’ in that it sucked me in because of the guitar. My pick from their 2008 album Made In The Dark.

Weezer – ‘Pork And Beans’
Gotta love Weezer.

Does It Offend You, Yeah – ‘Dawn of the Dead’
I have a thing for synth pop/dance punk. This song makes me air drum.