Albert Hammond Jr.’s Momentary Masters Influences

Following the release of his third solo album, Albert Hammond Jr. reflects on the music that influenced and moulded the making of Momentary Masters. Better known as the guitarist for The Strokes, Hammond’s solo work emerges as a personal accord of former rock glory – a memoir of sonic sorts.  We think you’ll just have to read between the lines to determine how songs like ‘Side Boob’ and ‘Drunched in Crumbs’ were birthed.

The Wipers – ‘Wait a Minute’
This whole album, Is This Real?, is amazing. Full of energy. Could only find it on vinyl. Has beautiful artwork too. Really gave me something I wanted to have live.

Wire – ‘Champs’
I can’t stop listening to this song. Especially the intro. This might influence the next record even more. I need some opening riffs like that.

The Police – ‘Next to You’
This first album is incredible. Melodically and rhythmically. I picked this one just because I had to pick a song.

The Misfits – ‘Hybrid Moments’
I just wanted to feel like this inside when I played. I wanted to feel like this was a sound I had when I yelled. Like if it was a soundtrack to my life and it played whenever I left the apartment needing to cool off.

Squeeze – ‘Goodbye Girl’
Perfect. The way the guitars create a pattern. Love spreading chords out like that. A gift for us all.

David Bowie – ‘Ashes to Ashes’
I mean having to only pick one song from this guy. If I had straight hair and was British I would copy him even more. Love the melodies and tones. My sights are still set on you, Mister Bowie. You ain’t out of the fucking cross hairs yet.

The Velvet Underground – ‘New Age’
Another one. Just one. Shit. It’s impossible. But I love the idea of a new age and how the song starts one way and ends with an anthemic outro. Lou Reed was also trying to make a record that would reach a bigger audience and I felt the same way with Momentary Masters. It’s my record to establish myself.

The Clash – ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’
I can’t keep only picking one. It hurts. I just like how fun this is. Sometimes you wanna be moved and sometimes you wanna just be. This song is pure fun. I like mixing entertainment and depth. Having a little bit of everything.

Dr. Dre – ‘Still D.R.E’
One of my favorite songs. I don’t rap but the rhythm and melody of the parts are infectious and I want them.

Arctic Monkeys – ‘A Certain Romance’
Look I picked a new band! Granted it’s an old song but fuck me, I can’t get enough of this song. I would run to this and ‘Champs’ by Wire over and over again. It’s fun to be inspired by a band that has come out after you. Keeps you moving forward. They are just one of many.

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