10 Tracks That Inspire ALTA’s Writing Process

Today, Melbourne legends, ALTA, share their silky new EP Sincere. A real double-dip of synth-infused RnB with a chewy outta skin with an intricate and sophisticated level of production at its core. Previously released heat-tracks ‘Plans‘ and ‘Unbelievable‘, were mere snippets of a denser sonic narrative at large and 5-tracker of honestly refreshing lyricism that can only be described as sincere.
Sharing their secrets for inspiration and motivation, producer Julius Dowson and vocalist Hannah Lesser give up the tunes that inspire them from PM chills, to AM parties.

Jessy Lanza – ‘Oh No’
Jessy Lanza has been a massive influence on us for years now. Always on the money, always innovative, always fresh, always true to her sound, always a yes. This one is her latest baby and we both flipped our wigs when we heard it, pretty sure we did an extra few laps of the Coles car park just so we can get that Astra surround sound.

Solange Knowles – ‘Cranes in The Sky’
This track is pure truth and heaven. So relatable on so many different levels. Listenened to this one on repeat for days, it makes you feel included and has a reassurance in it that’s special. Hands down brilliant.

DjRum – ‘Induction’
I’ve been listening to this track a lot recently in the background. Clocking in at 9 mins it’s got a lot of beautiful elements and progressions. The production on this track floors me while being super understated and not obnoxious. It’s top notch.

M.I.A – ‘Warriors’
In our top 5 influential artists is Queen M.I.A. Her music is so important and we love everything about her. This track is just like wtffffffff.

Joey Bada$$ – ‘Christ Conscious’
Joey Bada$$ is another one of our favs. Such a passionate artist that consistently releases top quality music. One time we saw him live and I was screaming his name so loud like I actually knew him,  the security guard was wigging out like wtf do I do with this emotional girl do you want me call someone to help you right now?? Your mum? Dr Phil? Haha.

Jack Grace – ‘All Lost’
I tell ya what I’m so damn lost in this track its ridic! AMAZING work from Sydney artist Jack Grace. He dropped this one a few months back and we were seriously considering getting t-shirts made up saying “If you want to improve your life listen to Jack Grace” can neither confirm or deny that the t shirts are being printed.spookly blas

Spookly Black – ‘Without You’
This one is a go to track. Spooky always. Well and truly lost our shit when we first discovered Spooky aka Lil Spook, shit is still lost… google maps and street view have been useless thus far we have accepted that it will forever be lost.

The Bug – ‘Skeng’
Anything with Flowdan on it. When someone recommends a tune the first thing I ask is “is flowdan on this track” if yes it’s an autocop if no then I ask if they have heard of flowdan and that we should put on some flowdan.

Tirzah – ‘No Romance’
0.28 harmony and vocal line is life. If you want to have an out of body experience just play this track. Some people eat kale and drink kombucha to feel wholesome, we listen to Tirzah. This track does and always will inspire us.

Machine Drum – ‘Sacred Frequency’
I love everything Machine Drum puts out but this is one of my favourites. The production is super interesting to me and the progression of the track is great. It goes from a head nodder to a melancholic masterpiece and back and forth we go.

ALTA will launch the Sincere EP in Melbourne with a live show at The Toff In Town on cup eve Monday, October 31, and the Red Bull Sound Select October Showcase in Sydney on Friday, October 28 alongside Mansionair and GL.

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