4 January, 2017

10 Tracks From 2016 That Amy Shark Adores

Twenty-sixteen saw the rise and big love affair of young singer/songwriter Amy Shark. Hailing from the Gold Coast, she released her stunning track ‘Adore’ in late July and it was widely… adored. Before Shark launches into 2017 and performs at A WEEKEND In The Gardens – Melbourne’s newest weekend concert series in the lush surrounds of the city’s iconic Royal Botanic Gardens taking place on the March long weekend (Friday, March 10th – Sunday, March 12th), we caught up with the legend to discover her most adored tracks of 2016.

Beyonce – ‘Sorry’
I mean geez I’m into almost every song on Lemonade! I love the monologues in-between the tracks and all the accompanying visuals! But ‘Sorry’ is pure punk, such a bad ass track! “big homie better grow up” genius lyric!

Banks – ‘Gemini Feed’
She has such a sexy voice and this track has a great story behind it as well as production. Can happily play this one over and over again!

Gretta Ray – ‘Unwind’
Look, this song is that good it sounds like it was a on some MASSIVE 90’s tv show. Every time I hear it it takes me back to when I used to watch Felicity! lol So beautiful, polished, nostalgic. Give it to me and the window goes down and life feels all Gretta great!

Hailee Steinfeld – ‘Starving’
A total guilty pleasure! Don’t act like you don’t love it! That blaring pitch shifted vocal hook OMG!

DMA’S – ‘Delete’
This song is stunning! Total OASIS vibe. For an acoustic track its so massive, super strong and so moving! I play this one at night a lot.

Cub Sport – ‘I Can’t Save You’
Ok, so i have a soft spot for the Cubbies cause I’ve just been on tour with them, but seriously what a song! Whenever I hear a call to arms like “I Can’t save you, even though I want to baby” I get goosies!

Illy – ‘Papercuts’
Whats not to love? Illy at his absolute best and Vera’s vocals were always meant to be in this track, 100% perf match! eargasm every time!

Modern Baseball – ‘Wedding Singer’
I am obsessed with this band and this track to me is like Bright Eyes and Death Cab for Cutie on acid!!! In ya face guitar riff thats so distinct and strong, with real words for real people!

Nadia Rose – ‘Skwod’
When I hear this track i feel like screaming “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” So insanely phat, siick, bitchin, ill! ya get me? lol

The Avalanches – ‘Frankie Sinatra’
I am already a big Avalanches fan so i’ve been sitting tight and holding my breath for 16 years! ‘Since I left you’ was such a clever, addictive album and this track feels.