9 July, 2016

10 Songs You Would Hear If The Creases Threw A House Party

It became apparent that The Creases can throw a pretty epic house party, if their new video for ‘Impact‘ is anything to go by, we’re pretty confident. While the boys are currently on an east coast tour, we thought we get them to make a sweet playlist of house party bangers.

D.D Dumbo – ‘Satan’
Aimon: Probably one of the most exciting songs I’ve heard all year, I’ve always been a huge fan of D. D Dumbo and his songs have some incredible melodies and this one is packed full of them. I don’t know how he made half the sounds on here, can’t wait to see how it translates live.

The Human League – ‘Don’t You Want Me’
My ultimate drunk jam and go-to DJ set tune.

GUM – ‘Anesthetized Lesson’
Aimon: I’m not sure how to describe the style of this song, it’s like pixelated psychedelica from the 70s via the 80s. So catchy and colourful.

New Radicals – ‘You Get What You Give’
Joe: One of my favourites and a writer I really aspire to. Always a pleasure (guilty or not) when this drops at a party.

The Radio Dept – ‘Heavens on Fire’
Jarrod: It was the first song I had heard from the radio department, I love the simplicity of the live version and the lyrics.

David Bowie – ‘Rebel Rebel’
Joe: It’s always a must to play some Bowie at a party and Rebel Rebel is always a hot pick.

Stereo Total – ‘L’amour à Trois’ 
My housemate Hannah got me into stereo total a few years ago when she put her record on at a party of ours, I really like how catchy it is and the tone of her voice.

Blur – ‘Girls And Boys’ 
Joe: Besides this bringing back sweet sweet Splendour memories being up front watching Blur with Aimon this is always a great sing along.

New Order – ‘Ceremony’
Gabe: I feel a bit like Marie Antoinette when I’m listening to this

The Doors – ‘Break On Through’ 
Gabe: Mum just skipped this on the iPod at home so I thought I’d better include it on here.