The Best New Music Stonefield Discovered On Their U.S. Tour

Following the release of Stonefield‘s fierce new record, As Above, So Below, and having just wrapped-up a huge US tour and a string of Aussie shows, we asked the Findlay sisters what they listen to on the road and what they discovered whilst venturing across the pond. It’s a killer playlist.

Boulevards – ‘Move And Shout’
Boulevards opened for the Panache showcase we played at for Northside in New York.. He’s a lot of fun.. All about the groove and he jumps in with the audience, gets up nice and close and has some groovy moves.

Michael Rault – ‘Real Love (Yeah)’
LOVE Michael Rault.. Played with these guys in Montreal and can’t believe that he’s not bigger than he is. His band is super tight and the songs are timeless.

Yonatan Gat – ‘Casino Cafe’
This band is pretty insane.. They always set up on the ground, right amongst the audience and absolutely shred.

Homeshake – ‘Making A Fool Of You’
We played with Homeshake in New York.. These guys have a really smooth fun sound and are super sweet guys.

The Modern Voice – ‘Refugees’
This band is like a cross between Earthless and Neu.. Instrumental goodness.

Billy Moon – ‘Video Girls’
Billy Moon opened the stage for us at NXNE in Toronto. He wore a black cape and put on a really interesting performance.

Weed Nap – ‘The Anarchist Tension’
We played with Weed Nap in Detroit.. Carlos was the sweetest guy.. He is from a Mexican family and his dad came and made tacos for everyone on the night.

Secret Colours – ‘Me’
Chicago band! Really tight, musically talented and intricate.

Daddy Issues – ‘Wild Thing’
Daddy Issues got in touch, wanting to play with us after seeing us at SXSW. Really sweet, but bad ass gals.

I’m Not Telling Lies – ‘Lightin’ Ray’
Wowzas, this guy is insanely talented. Incredible voice and insane songwriter. He opened the night in Atlanta and blew our minds with his solo performance.

Pom Poms – ‘Betty’
We played with Pom Poms in LA.. The show was a “Play Like A Girl” event, so it was an all girl line-up and this band smashed it.

Crypt Trip – ‘Natural Chylde’
Rad psych rock band.. We bonded over tour talk and our flares haha

Sweatlodge – ‘Tramplifier’
These guys were tight.. Another psych rock band we shared the stage with in Austin.

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