Why Minor Victories Dispel The ‘Supergroup’ Stereotype

While it’s probably fair to call the individual members of Minor Victories veterans, with more years, albums and success behind them than they’d care to admit (apart from the successes. They’re probably quite proud of that), they have nonetheless come together to make a record that sounds as fresh, vital and now as anything else you’ll hear this year.

Made up of Rachel Goswell (singer of shoegaze legends Slowdive), Stuart Braithwaite (nominal frontman of post-rock icons Mogwai), Justin Lockey (guitarist in Editors) and James Lockey (brother of Justin), Minor Victories today announce their self-titled debut album, released June 3 on Play It Again Sam. Accompanying this announcement is the lead single ‘A Hundred Ropes’, alongside a suitably majestic video that perfectly captures both the power and grace of the song. See for yourself…

The Minor Victories story is a strange one, with the band still not having all met, even after completion of the album, instead exchanging ideas and parts over the ‘net. It’s a 21st Century record, both in the manner of its creation and in sound. Keen to dispel the stereotype of supergroups being simply an outlet for musicians to vent their egos outside the expectations of their “proper bands”, Minor Victories have already announced the first handful of what they promise will be a bunch of live shows all over the world, and also their intention to make many more records. And if the rest of them are half as good as this one, the Minor Victories back catalogue is going to stack up very well against that of their “proper bands”.

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