Melody Pool And Peter Bibby Are Co-Headling A Huge Aus Tour

When Melody Pool and Peter Bibby go b2b on the stage next month, just remember that you among two of Australia’s most prolific songwriters.

Pool will be sharing her positively-received sophomore album Deep Dark Savage Heart, a truly powerful sonic memoir of sorts, recording her transition from girl to woman, old to new and hurt to healed.

Peter Bibby, will be coming off a two year gallivant, having performed at Laneway and SXSW, showcasing his debut album Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician; a collection of Aussie ballads about girls, chairs, and all the other emotional crash-bangs of a twenty-something year old.

Heading to the real nooks of the nation, from Hunter Valley to Mullumbimby and Perth, the duo are perfectly paired for a serendipitous yet cognate musical evening. Find all ticketing info and dates here.

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