Mansionair Lock In Last ‘Astronaut’ Shows Before Heading OS

New Year. New moves for Mansionair!

To celebrate the Sydney trio relocating to the US for a large portion of 2018, they’ve locked in a couple of parting dates in support of their most recent single ‘Astronaut (Something About Your Love)’.

Since the release of new music in October, the single has taken them on a Aussie east coast tour and clocked up more than 4 million Spotify streams across the globe.

Driven by a warm bass and ricochetting beat, ‘Astronaut (Something About Your Love)’ is a dance track that draws you in to listen closely. Froggat’s gentle and expressive voice reaches over the wide expanses of sparse soundscapes to whisper contemplations about returning for love with honesty and purity. It’s this balance between huge electronica and soft songwriting that produces Mansionair’s understated and deliciously vulnerable grooves.

As part of their experimentations, Mansionair placed a microphone inside a piano and recorded all of the atmospheric sounds, collecting what Bostock describes as “Like what I imagined an astronaut felt as if he was looking back at Earth.”

The band’s decision to relocate overseas in March will see them continue to dominate this globe as they continue to play across the US, UK and European summer festival circuit – with new music on the horizon.

Come say see ya later at these one-off shows in Melbourne and Sydney in late February/early March. Tickets on sale now.

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