Legendary Aussie Band X Reunite For Comeback National Tour

Aussie pub-rock legends and rebel-rousers X released their first album X-Aspirations in 1980. It was the loud punk result of basement meetings in Glebe 40 years ago, plotting rebellions and thriving in anarchic chaos.

Now Steve Lucas, the last living member of X, is bringing their punk spirit back to the stage, with a string of shows across the country. With help from Kim Volkman (Love Addicts), and Doug Falconer (Hunters and Collectors), X will raise voices across the nation once again.

Lucas has also hand-picked a limited edition vinyl release of their tracks X-Citations: Best Of X. The Early Years 1077-82. Yep it’s a mouthful, but it tells you everything you need to know.

It’s about time these legendary rockers breakout from their hiding and show new fans what all the rage was about. Ticket and dates below.

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