Jack River Reveals Album Details For Her Fantastical Debut Record

Jack River, arguably one Australia’s most exciting artists rn, has confirmed she’s releasing her hugely-anticipated debut album Sugar Mountain on Friday, 22 June.

This Sydney-based singer-songwriter and incredible music maker announces her new album whilst managing to completely sell out her national tour. Turning heads with her unique and dreamy indie pop, she blows away fans in Adelaide and Perth last weekend, with Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane audiences due for the same treatment.

Sugar Mountain is a phosphorescent album. The album in its purest sense is the combination of pop highs and spacey riffs, but come closer and you’ll glimpse the darkness in its depth. This empowering artist lets us in on the first clue in the title. Sugar Mountain is named after Neil Young’s bittersweet ode to youth and the loss of innocence. As she explains, “It’s the souvenir of my youth, the wish of what it could have been.”

“Writing and producing what is now Sugar Mountain was my self-created tool to pour every fragment of my inner destruction into some kind of creation.”

Jack River (Holly Rankin) tells a story through her album, of a tragedy that fractured her life eleven years ago, when her beloved younger sister passed away in an accident. Rankin found herself adrift, and songwriting became not so much catharsis as a survival tool. And now she’s sharing her alternate youth.

Every song from Sugar Mountain was meticulously written, produced and performed by Rankin. ‘This album was made over so many years and setbacks that the drums got louder, the guitars got thicker, the synths got clearer and my vocals found strength they never had when I started.”

Rankin describes this as a self-written bible of crawling toward the light amidst one of the darkest times a family could ever endure.

First single ‘Fool’s Gold fell into our laps in June last year, a song that filled a void we didn’t know was missing in alt pop territory – glitter, grit and a feeling of moving on from a dream that’s lost its sparkle.

Followed by her current single ‘Ballroom burst the door wide open. In the midst of its gritty pop height, ‘Ballroom’ is a love song, but not just in the traditional romantic sense; listen a little deeper, there is a depth propelling the dream.

Sugar Mountain is out Friday, 22 June, you can pre-order it now.

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