Jack River Locks-In ‘Fool’s Gold’ Headline Shows

To celebrate the release of Jack River‘s newest shimmering pop corker ‘Fool’s Gold’ – the Sydney-based singer/songwriter has confirmed two special shows in Sydney and Melbourne next month.

With an incredible Matt Sav-directed, gold-dipped, sequin-touched video to accompany, the single effortlessly combines laid-back, psych-infused rock with sweeping, sparkling-pop sounds which was destined for the stage with all of the bright lights.

The song however, has a dark nature and sense of inner rebellion. “I was alone in New York, chasing shiny things. The verses were spinning around my head and I would get purposefully lost so I could keep walking along, figuring out the song,” explains River. “I was annoyed at myself for falling for the same things over again without them giving back. But I also knew how human it was to feel like that, and how I’d probably come up against this feeling again and again. I wanted to write a song for that emotion – the relentless humanity in thinking something is gold when it just isn’t – the hope and sadness and repetition, but the sweetness of truth once you find it. It’s also kinda about realising that your fool’s gold is often someone else’s gold and feeling momentarily lonely, but okay with it.”

Supporting both shows will be Melbourne musician Didirri – the incredible voice behind ‘Blind You‘ and new single ‘Jude‘.

These are going to be some special shows. Tickets on sale now.

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