Jack River Has Dropped A Sweet Cover And Word Of Her Debut EP

Highway Songs No.2 – Jack River‘s debut EP sounds like a mixtape you’ve kept in your car since you were 16, and it’s going to be one that stays in there (that gets thrown on regularly) for a few more years to come, minimum.

Following the infectious release of ‘Talk Like That‘, the multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and producer hailing from Forster will release a seven-track record, which effortlessly slips and shifts from genre, ranging from indie-rock, psychedelic electro, folk-pop and truth bomb lyrics. Think DMA’S meets No Doubt. 

Today, River has also released a crooning cover of Cigarettes After Sex’s cult classic ‘Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby’, which sees Rankin strip things back in a DIY home recording from her share house; presented with a video that was directed, shot and edited by Rankin while she was recently in the US.

On the cover and accompanying video, Rankin says, “I came across this song when YouTube played it straight after ‘Mazzy Star’ and instantly fell in love. I listened to it on repeat for weeks then chipped away at this cover in my room out of pure love for how it hypnotised me. When I was in the States last month, I bought a camcorder from the early 2000’s and filmed little things like eating pizza in the street in NY, my friends softball game and their grandma’s speech when they won the Central Park championship, landing in LA (I got the lady in the window seat to film for me) and a sunny day trip to Echo Park. I wanted the video to feel exactly how this song has made me feel – in love and nostalgic for everything.”

Highway Songs No.2, is slated for release on October 7 and is available for pre-order now.

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