Introducing MOSSY

He’s an exquisite character and extremely enigmatic musician and you’re going to become mystified by the man that is MOSSY.

The Sydney artist has been cooking up a feast of a sound over the last year to create a finished product that is a delicate blend of psychedelic pop combined with a theatrical knack for story telling. ‘Electric Chair’ is the first taste of MOSSY and it’s lifted from his forthcoming debut EP. The self-tilted EP is a brilliant result of long days recording with NY-producer Dean Tuza and tireless nights spent in the Lower East Side studio creating a makeshift cave of hibernation and creativity. Additional production was applied by David Kahne (The Strokes, Paul McCartney) and the final mixing was provided by Stuart White (engineer to Beyonce and Jay Z).

With the drop of the first single also comes the release of the conceptually brilliant and highly engaging video clip. Filmed by Australian director Kris Moyes in the deserts of California, it’s the first insight into MOSSY and it’s really not enough. The body rolls speak louder than words but you’ll want more.

MOSSY is now signed to Sydney label I Oh You and the MOSSY EP will be out May 13, pre-order here.

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