Introducing First Light – A Dance Compilation Curated By CC:DISCO! + Soothsayer

It doesn’t get much more synergistic than this!

Soothsayer – our underground dance imprint delivering everything from cosmic musicians to industrious producers have enlisted late night dance treasure and inimitable Melbourne DJ and producer CC:DISCO! to curate the first in collaborative series of compilations entitled First Light. 

The vision sees CC compile exclusive tracks from emerging and undiscovered artists across genres such as boogie, balearic, funk, disco and house – anything that you’d expect to hear in a CC:DISCO! set. Basically, CC’s paranormal dancefloor abilities will become available on digital and vinyl platforms so you will never be found chin stroking – just dancing.

The debut cut of First Light comes in the form of a sultry soul track called ‘Really Want That’ by Jace XL. “I remember the first time I heard Jace sing in a bar, at first I thought a DJ was playing then I looked up see Jace singing his guts out. He blew me away! Jace’s voice is amazing and to me, a huge part of what’s going on in Australian music, so it’s with open arms we welcome him to First Light,” explains CC:DISCO!

Jace XL will be surrounded by good company with the inclusion of tracks from Sui Zhen, Chord Memory Band, Nite Fliet, Rings Around Saturn, Manuel Darquart and Love Deluxe just to name a few, with the full track listing and release date being revealed in the new year. These songs have been chosen by CC:DISCO! through chance meetings, fangirl moments and dogged emails – come together to create a body of music that is oddly satisfying and timeless.

Soothsayer presents First Light: Volume 1 compiled by CC:DISCO! is due for release in February 2018 digitally and on vinyl. FK YH!


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