ICYMI; Dan Sultan Was A Powerful Voice On Q&A This Week

Dan Sultan appeared on Q&A on Monday night to discuss moving Australia Day and perform his powerful track ‘Kingdom‘.

The indigenous roots-rock legend argued strongly for changing the date from 26 January, the day that started “the ongoing genocide of our people.”

When questioned whether Australia Day is racist, Sultan responded “January 26 is a day of mourning for us … and for people not to recognise that or to say that it doesn’t matter … is disrespectful and I think that it is racist.”

Sultan concluded the night with a raw performance of political anthem ‘Kingdom‘, his soulful voice and acoustic guitar beckoning a hopeful future.

This isn’t the first time Sultan has used music to campaign for his rights, his latest album Killer explores his personal experience of being Australian and last year he collaborated on fierce track ‘January 26‘ with A.B. Original. You can catch Dan Sultan onhis month long Australian tour this September. Remaining tickets here.

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