Husky Lock-In A String Of Intimate Shows This April

Twenty-seventeen was a huge year for Husky (singer/songwriter Husky Gawenda and keyboardist Gideon Preiss). Together they released their very anticipated third album Punchbuzz, which proved to be a progressive and bold step into a new world of dynamic indie rock inspired by years spent living in foreign cities. Following their return, the Melbourne duo toured relentlessly across Australia and Europe sharing brand new music and old favourites. In October they revealed ‘Bedroom Recordings‘ a spesh EP combining two acoustic versions from Punchbuzz and two stunning covers from Aussie faves Tame Impala and Swedish artist Lykke Li.

Now the duo together with the full band will play a string of intimate shows across the country to coincide with the release of ‘Walking In Your Sleep’, the final single off Punchbuzz.

In Gawenda’s own words, “’Walking in Your Sleep’ is a song I wrote during a period of intense dreaming brought on by the meticulous recording of my dreams. I became obsessed with the possibilities of the dream realm – lucid dreaming, self-exploration, unlocking the unconscious – and how that would affect my waking life and perhaps more so, my writing. The more I slipped in and out of this dream realm, the less I knew the difference between dream and reality and the more they mirrored each other. If I listen back to the song now, I hear an exploration of longing that in my waking life I was trying to escape, but was wrestling with every night in my sleep.”

The tour will continue their endless summer as they prepare to return for the European festival circuit in July.

“We wanted to take some of the new sounds we’ve been working with to the heart of the Australian rock scene and get back to a real and raw connection with our fans,” says Priess.

Ticket on sale now.

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