Huge! Gordi Was Enlisted To Perform With Bon Iver’s Choir On Jimmy Fallon

“What’s a Fallon choir?” was the first thought that crossed Gordi‘s mind when she read an email from Bon Iver‘s management at 5am.

“We’d just played a show in Melbourne and had quite a big night. Got home at 5am and my manager said ‘I just got this email from Bon Iver’s management’. I read it and I was like ‘what’s a Fallon choir?!” she told triple j.

It was closely followed by a nap and then the realisation that US legend and label mate, Bon Iver, wanted Gordi, local legend and signed internationally to Jagjagua, to join his choir for his debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. HUGE.

It all went down this time yesterday and now, the video has surfaced of the stunning performance by all. What an absolute dream.


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