5 April, 2018

Hatchie Drops Dreamy New Single + Confirms Debut EP + Headline Tour

Brissy-based dreamweaver Hatchie has confirmed the release date of her v anticipated debut EP Sugar & Spice.

Since dropping her breakthrough debut single ‘Try’ in June, and the follow-up by hypnotising track ‘Sure’, Hatchie has hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back. In an effort to explore feelings of vulnerability and ecstasy, she wanted these songs to sound lush and sparkly, recreating euphoric feelings of falling in love for the first time. 

With the news of her EP comes the release of the title track – another stargazing anthem. To hear her music is to step inside her mind; somewhat of a dreamy landscape. “The brightest stars burn out the fastest/But maybe we could still outlast it,” she sings. Side by side this sound is the bright and bold video clip that displays Hatchie in her purest form. Having such distinctive vocals Harriette sets a blissfully bittersweet scene, packed with pop hooks and sweet melodies, she is mature in her approach and delivers a sweet but certain songs. “I feel like I’m only just starting to assert myself in the world”.

From her years of playing with her friends in bands Babaganouj and Go Violets, Hatchie is raw but refined and as she still figures it out, she says “I really love writing pop songs, but then messing them up and turning them into something else. Something darker”

To celebrate the news, Hatchie has also unveiled her first Australian headline tour, snaking her way up the east coast this July. Tickets on sale now.

Sugar & Spice, is out Friday, 25 May.

Tour dates

Thu 12 Jul
Fri 13 Jul
Sat 14 Jul