What It Looks Like To Be In The Studio With Green Buzzard

To celebrate the release of Green Buzzard‘s debut album Eazy Queezy Squeezy, the band have shared some candid shots from their studio dayz.

Eazy Queezy Squeezy is out today! Their debut EP was created while deep in the jungle of Oberon NSW, at the family farm of frontman Paddy Harrowsmith.

“With Eazy Queezy Squeezy we wanted to create an EP with a raw, stripped back band feel whilst keeping the fuzzy, gritty edge that makes up our sound… We aimed to make a collection of songs that J Mascis himself would be proud of,” says Harrowsmith.

The band self-produced the EP, with help from full time friend and part time producer and engineer Ryan Hazell, before it was mixed by Burke Reid (Courtney Barnett, DZ Deathrays). In true Buzzard form, they’ve left just enough grime on the songwriting diamond and delivered a scorched EP which is going to be on repeat for a while.

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