Gengahr Have Dropped A Dreamy New Single + Confirm There’s Plenty More To Come

UK indie rockers Genghar have finally announced that their new album is nearly ready to be released into the wild. Where Wildness Grows, the follow up to their striking debut album A Dream Outside is set to drop on March 9 next year.

In the mean time, the collective have shared a second hypnotic glimpse of what to expect from the album that’s been two years in the making. ‘Mallory‘ shares a similarly bold artistic vision to driven lead single ‘Carrion‘, which dropped last month, but this latest offering tones back the intensity, in favour of a dreamy sonic escapade.

Packed out with layers of whirring guitars and singer Felix Bushe’s magical voice, the whimsical track is littered with just enough angst to hit you in the feels while you get your groove on. It’s a promising taste of the ambitious new album that nearly didn’t happen.

“It’s been gruelling at times, but like a caterpillar entering metamorphosis you know the moment of darkness will be outshone by the transformation,” explained Bushe.

“Making this record required a great deal of determination. There were certainly times along the way when frustrations grew and it seemed as if our vision for the album would shatter entirely.”

Luckily, after scrapping three months of recording, Genghar dug deep and found the record they wanted to put out into the world.

“We are incredibly proud of the record we have made and beyond excited to release it into the world for others to enjoy.”

Where Wildness Grows is out on March 9.

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