Foo Fighters Announce Their Most Ambitious Album Yet Is Incoming

Foo Fighters have tricked us again – during what was meant to be their “break” over the last six months, the thunderous rock legends were secretly recording their most ambitious album yet!

Earlier this month they released ‘Run‘ the hard-hitting first taste of their new material. Starting out as a soft and dreamy ballad, the track very suddenly sparks into the heaviest, most badass riff we’ve heard from the legends in a long time. Already set to be a rock anthem, the song pivots between fierce head-banging verses and soaring melodic choruses. It’s an impressively fresh rock track from a band who should be out of material by now, and it makes us even more excited to hear their impending ninth album.

Today, the surprise announcement arrived in Dave Grohl’s scratchy handwriting – the new album Concrete and Gold will drop on Friday, 15 September and according to Grohl it’s “the biggest sounding Foo Fighters record ever.” The title is an apt description of the album, which is set to pair Foo Fighters’ signature gritty sound with the golden pop sensibilities of producer Greg Kurstin, who is best known for working his magic with the likes of Adele, Sia and Pink. The 11-track epic is Kurstin’s first heavy rock record and features some of Foo Fighters’ most insanely loud moments yet. We’re hoping audiences in Australia and New Zealand will be able to hear it live soon!

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