Wolf Alice Share How They Channelled Emotions Into Creativity On Their New Album ‘Visions Of A Life’

Wolf Alice Share How They Channelled Emotions Into Creativity On Their New Album ‘Visions Of A Life’

We checked-in with Ellie Rowsell from Wolf Alice to chat about their luscious new album and the emotional inspirations behind it.

It sounds like there were extreme highs and lows in the couple of years following the success of My Love Is Cool. How did you channel these emotions? Were they times of creativeness or paralysis?

Yes I think when you’re very happy or very sad it can manifest itself creatively or alternatively you can find yourself with no desire to create at all. I find it very helpful to channel my emotions in to songwriting. If I can’t, I will read books, watch movies and go out and meet up with new people or old friends in hope of being inspired.

The collaboration with Justin Medal-Johnsen sounds a little bit serendipitous. How did he leave his mark on Visions of a Life?

Justin was like a 5th number, he helped steer us in the directions we wanted to go in but needed help getting to. He has an incredible musical ear which is amazing to be around, I don’t think I’ve met someone with perfect pitch before!

Don’t Delete The Kisses‘ feels deeply personal, like reading someone’s diary, and the video captures the same kind of intense intimacy. How does it feel to share so much of yourself with the world?

I don’t mind sharing things to the world within my art because who is to say what’s autobiographical or not?

What was going on in the world when you wrote ‘Sky Musings’?

I’m not sure, I was just taking a lot of long haul flights and drinking a lot of those mini bottles of wine, watching a lot of rom coms and having a couple of panic attacks.


As well as romantic relationships, the record explores friendships and particularly close bonds between women. How important is it for you to write about other forms of connection?

Sure, it’s a big part of life and a complex one too. I’m fascinated by female friendship and sisterhood, there are endless creative ways to depict it.

The album is beautifully unpredictable – tracks like ‘St. Purple & Green’ is so dainty then dark and overall, the record is an emotional rollercoaster from the abrasiveness of ‘Formidable Cool’ to the sweetness of ‘Planet Hunter’. How important was it to achieve this balance?

We wanted to achieve a balance in dynamic and emotions. This wasn’t hard as we wrote it over a fairly long time so felt no one way the whole time. Stylistically we didn’t seek out to make it varied but rather let ourselves be pulled in whatever direction we naturally wanted to.

Yuk Foo‘ is such an exhilaratingly fierce track that everyone can relate to at some point, what have you wanted to yell “yuk foo” at lately?

Theresa May.

Visions Of A Life is out Friday, 29 September.

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